Learn How To Open/unblock YouTube in Pakistan.

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Hello Fellows!
I hope all of you will be fine.
Today I'll share a trick for which many of us are looking for.
As you know that you tube is blocked in Paksitan so I'll share a simple trick with my readers that how to open it.

Why Youtube is blocked in Pakistan

Youtube was blocked in Pakistan and in many other muslim countries because of the anti-Islamic video.
In Pakistan PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)blocked it on8th of September, 2012.
Before blocking the whole youtube PTA asked Google for the removal of that video but google didn't listened to them and replied that Google is not registered in Pakistan so their laws and regulations can't be followed.
And that's why PTA then blocked the whole of the You tube.

Why Youtube needs to be opened

Thought their decision of blocking youtube was good to some instance.
But the problem is that many of us are too much reliant on YouTube and we really need YouTube opened for our work. And we are suffering now because it is blocked. So don't worry , I'll tell you a simple a trick with which you can easily open You Tube.

How to Access YouTube Safely in Pakistan :

Although, there are many tricks/tutorials with which you can Open YouTube.
At first people used web proxies to open YouTube but now they have been blocked too. So now the only method left beyond is using a software like Hotspot Shield.
Many times while using web proxies your data is send to the web but Hotspot Shield is totally secured and you don't need to worry.Plus it is very user friendly too.

It is the best solution for opening YouTube so far and I am myself using it dudes! don't shy LOL! and must give it a try.

How To Use Hotspot Shield to Unblock YouTube :

Hot Spot Shield is really easy to use. Just download the latest Version of Hotspot Shield from here. Install it in any of your directory. And then run it and surf anything you want, Everything will be now unblocked and can browse anything.

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